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Spatial Internship Programme (SIP) – Meet our 2010 Interns

Carey-Lee Dixon – 3rd year Surveying & Geographic Information Science student – University of Technology, Jamaica

Having always heard about Spatial Innovision, I was elated when I was I informed that I would be a  summer worker at an organization which is known for its professionalism, high work standards and its warm working environment.

Since being here, I have worked in the Sales and Geomatics departments. While in the Sales Department, I learnt about the business and operations aspect of the organization and how vital this department is to the sustainability of the company. My activities in the Geomatics Department have already improved my knowledge about Global Positioning Systems and other field technologies.

One of the things I am most fond of is the flexibility of the work environment, which allows workers to be involved with different areas of the organization while focusing on their primary work area; this depicts the versatility of each employee.

I view Spatial as one of the premier provider of land management solutions across the Caribbean. They have consistently provided high-quality products and services and can be called upon at anytime for assistance.
The work experience at Spatial is great and I eagerly await greater things to happen.




Imran Eyre – 1st year Surveying & Geographic Information Science student – University of Technology, Jamaica

The internship so far at Spatial Innovision has been both exhilarating and inspiring for me.

Working here has shown me the way my passion for the geographical sciences as well as my love for technology can blend together to create a whole new world of opportunities, possibilities and versatility, namely the world of G.I.S.

I also discovered that aspects of G.I.S. are not only office work, but geographical work in the field as well, thus another interest was sparked, the field of Land Surveying. Spatial Innovision has given me a perfect balance between these two fields.

Working at Spatial also helped me to better understand the concept of teamwork, as it is vital to the survival of any company. This, along with the many companions I have made along the way helped to mould me into not only a more capable worker but a more well rounded individual. This internship is a springboard for my now anxiously-awaited future.



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