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Silburn Clarke awarded GIS Lifetime Achievement Award


At the 2009 GIS Awards Ceremony held jointly by the office of the prime Minister and the Land  Information  Council  of Jamaica,  Silburn  Clarke  was  awarded  the  Land  Information Council of Jamaica’s GIS Lifetime Achievement Award.

In  his  acceptance  speech,  Silburn  Clarke  emphasized  the  characteristics  of  the  early  GIS pioneers in the Caribbean who assisted and supported him on his journey. Silburn spoke of their brilliance, innovation and creativity in developing and executing a GIS vision and goals. He spoke of the challenges faced by these pioneering individuals – importation of solutions rather  than  developing  local  solutions  and  a  general  preference  for  basic  knowledge industries rather than high‐value‐add knowledge undertakings.

Silburn closed by expressing his satisfaction of achievement after years of being associated with the geospatial industry in Jamaica and the Caribbean and expressed his willingness to continue serving in any needed capacity.





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