Providing Geospatial
Solutions to the Caribbean


Spatial helps clients in a wide range of industries solve business problems by implementing GIS and GPS Solutions. These industries include Urban Planning & Development, Telecommunications, Utilities, Insurance and Land Management to cite a few. Spatial has over 20 years of experience in implementing GIS solutions across the Caribbean. This experience includes project planning and enterprise integration.

Our broad network of partners helps you create the GIS solution that specifically meets the needs of your organization. Our staff represents expertise in highly complex design, development deployment, and integration of GIS and GPS solutions. Spatial can help you with knowledge transfer assistance, while deploying GIS on your own, customization of off-the-shelf GIS technology, or the delivery of a ready-to-use enterprise system, we offer services to support you.


Bringing Spatial Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to You

When you work with Spatial Innovision, you benefit from our:

  • Over 21 years of GIS and GPS Solutions implementation project experience
  • Depth of skills with related technologies
  • Expertise in a wide range of industries
  • Use of the latest information technology and best practices
  • Access to leading-edge GIS software functionality
  • Access to a network of partner organizations

Design and Implementation of GIS and GPS Solutions

  • design enterprise wide web based systems
  • implement solutions tailored to your organization’s need

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  • We offer Certified training in ESRI and Trimble products.

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Land Surveying

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Cadastral (Boundary Survey)
  • Engineering Survey
  • UAV Imaging
  • Multispectral & Thermal Imaging
  • Volumetric Survey
  • GPS Survey (Control Points)
  • Establishment (Continuous Operating Reference System) CORS Network

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