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Brief on some projects undertaken


Ministry of Planning, Housing and Environment, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Development Planning Portal

Spatial executed the development of an on-line portal for the Ministry of Planning, Housing and Environment (MPHE) to support the ability of citizens to actively participate in the process of physical development; from pre-initiation to development approval.  The site enables the citizens of the republic to assess conflicting, competing and conforming land uses, to access information of the development sequence and real-time information on the status of their development applications via the web.


Ministry of Land & Environment, Jamaica

National Geodetic Infrastructure Network

Spatial provided professional services to the Ministry of Land & Environment and the National Land Agency of Jamaica for the establishment of a national real-time GPS based infrastructure consisting of a system of Virtual Reference Stations for Real Time Kinematic corrections to all end-users in the country.  This is a first for the Caribbean and the developing world and integrates GPRS, GPS, frame relay in its solution set.


Ministry of Land and Environment, Government of Jamaica, Land Administration and Management Project

Spatial is the leading partner of a Consortium responsible for the design and implementation of the largest cadastral and land tenure (land title regularisation and clarification) project in Jamaica.  Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, the 24-month LAMP project  delivered the regularization and mapping of ownership boundaries for 21,485 parcels of land and prepared 4,800 tenure/legal  case files  for first application or modification  of land titles. 


Land Management Consortium

Spatial Innovision executed the aerial mapping of the complete parish of St. Catherine to provide an up-to-date digital base mapping for cadastral mapping planning and management.  Photoscale employed was 1/20000


Ministry of Agriculture Lands and Marine Resources, Trinidad

Land Data Sharing System

Spatial Innovision is providing the webGIS software and customisations to enable data drawn from the State Agriculture Land Information System, the Lands and Surveys parcel map base and the Land Registry titles datatabase to be shared among agencies and departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Trinidad.  This project uses ESRI’s ArcIMS 9.x technologies. 


National Housing Trust

Mapping of Dry Valley, Trelawny using Leica Photogrammetry Suite for  Upscale Housing Development Project.

Mapping of Point in Hanover Using Leica Photogrammetry Suite for  Housing Development Project.

Mapping of Harmony Hall, for the Harmony Cove Project in Trelawny using Leica Photogrammetry Suite


Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC)

The Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) generates and distributes electricity to 388,815 domestic, commercial, industrial and street lighting customers in 5 regional divisions. In May 2008, 3-GIS began migrating T&TEC’s existing landbase data from shapefiles, CAD files, and other proprietary formats into T&TEC’s geodatabase.  To collect distribution data for the geodatabase, T&TEC utilized 3-GIS’s Field Express.


DIGICEL Jamaica 

3D Mapping of building features for Kingston Metropolitan Area using Leica Photogrammetry Suite.


Lands & Surveys Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Marine Resources (Trinidad)

Improvement to Geodetic Infrastructure of Trinidad

This Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has selected Spatial Innovision to implement a IDB-funded National Real-Time GPS network using the Telecommunication Services of T&T as the primary data media with a sub-network for real-time Radio beacon coverage for both the terrestrial Trinidad and Tobago land-mass and the off-shore maritime environments.  This project was successfully completed in September 2005.


National Emergency Management Authority (Trinidad)

NEMA applies GIS in emergency responses in Trinidad & Tobago.


Jamaica Public Service Company Limited 


The goal of this project was to implement an automated mapping/facilities management/ geographic information system (AM/FM/GIS) as the core technology for the utility’s operations. Activities include database design, data conversion specification, as well as software installation, customization and support.


The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, Limited 

Spatial Innovision partnered with ESRI and Eagle Information Mapping in the contract awarded by NGC for “Implementation of a GIS for the Management of NGC’s Pipeline Network”. This project involves converting roughly 387 miles (623 1cm) of pipeline. Of this,  approximately 83 miles (134 1cm) are offshore transmission lines, 171 miles (275 km) are onshore transmission lines and 133 miles (2141cm) are onshore distribution lines. 

The broad scope of the project is to capture the existing data on alignment sheets and other source materials, as supplied by NGC, into an SQL-compliant database and utilize off-the-shelf GIS software to allow users to view the graphics of this data, along with reporting on the data. The solution also includes customization/ modifications of the software in support of NGC’s business processes.

Spatial Innovision’s role is to provide all ESRI ArcGIS core software technology and post-implementation support for the core software. In addition Spatial Innovision will provide on-the-ground Trinidadian support for the project. Initial post implementation support is for the period of 3 years. The project duration was one year with completion date of mid-2005. 


National Water Commission (Jamaica)

Spatial has been engaged by the NWC in designing, developing and deploying  GIS/GPS training services, application services and data.


Orthophoto of Montego Bay for the Ministry of Land and Environment (2004)

Orthophoto mapping of Montego Bay, including Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to support three-dimensional GIS.


Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM)

Disaster Management System

This is an ongoing project that has delivered four applications for evacuation planning, shelter management, hazard materials and damage assessment. These modules cover the  different types of disaster events that have to be managed in Jamaica.  The application include functions for marking of vulnerable areas on a GIS map, adding relevant attribute information, adding shelter locations and attributes, assessing utilities in a vulnerable area, location of hazardous material storage and transport routes and, determining the optimum routes to a shelter in case of a disaster.


National Land Agency

Parcel Data Management System (PDMS)

This GOJ/World Bank funded Public Sector Modernization Project delivered improved processes and methods at the National Land Agency.  Areas targeted included  improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the land parcel checking and certification process, improving the efficiency, security and integrity of certificates of title created in the agency and improving customer service levels.   Spatial Innovision, Fujitsu Transactions, ILS (US) and NovaLIS (Canada) partnered on this project.


Water and Sewerage Authority (Trinidad)

WASA uses ESRI GIS and Trimble GPS to support their customer base and mapping requirements. 


Ministry of Land and Environment and Land Information Council of Jamaica

This project delivered large scale urban (softcopy photogrammetric) mapping and digital elevation data for Kingston, Spanish Town, Portmore, Port Maria and Montego Bay as well as medium scale satellite-based  IKONOS mapping and digital surface models of the entire island.


Department of Forestry and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) (2003) 

Complete digital cadastral mapping of Trelawny. Work entails data conversion of all National Land Agency (NLA) land valuation hard copy parcel maps  (874 sq km)


Ministry of Local Government (2000)

Mapping of all electoral districts island-wide, adding attribute of electoral and council information.


Ministry of Housing and Environment (1999)

Data conversion of land use, multiple thematic layer for planning purposes, including land use infrastructure and geology for the South Coast Sustainable Development Study.








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