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Through innovative information technology, Schneider Electric makes our world more sustainable and secure.

Smarter Global Transportation Systems
Energy for the Next Century
Smart Grid Solutions
Sustaining an Ever-Changing Environment
Global Efficiency

We have vast experience in developing solutions and services that help manage energy sources more efficiently. Our Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) reduce CO2 emissions and improve safety by reducing traffic congestion and optimizing transportation infrastructure. We help preserve precious water resources by optimizing the complete water management and treatment cycle.




Smarter Global Transportation Systems

The transportation systems on our planet move the world's citizens 23 billion kilometers per year, a figure projected to increase to 105 billion kilometers by 2050. These same systems also bear the weight of worldwide freight shipments that will increase by 60 percent by 2030.

Road, rail, maritime and air transportation executives face the task of managing infrastructure that simply cannot expand rapidly enough to meet insatiable transportation demand. They must address that task with limited budget resources and balance their decisions with security, safety, energy and environmental impact concerns.

To support the transportation industry, Schneider Electric  offers SmartMobility™, an integrated suite of solutions that represents entirely new thinking in advanced intelligent infrastructure management. We offer the expertise gained through scores of successful installations in some of the most complex and congested markets in Europe, North and South America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.


Energy for the Next Century

Worldwide energy consumption has grown over 20 percent in the last decade and is projected to grow another 25 percent to 30 percent in the next 20 years – reaching an estimated 702 quadrillion BTUs in 2030.

Schneider Electric has deep roots in the complex energy industry and is fully prepared to help our energy customers maximize efficiencies in their production and distribution infrastructure well into the future. We provide enterprise-level automation control and information management solutions that enable decision makers to optimize energy supply and security at every point in a vast distribution system.

Our energy solutions revolve around highly advanced EcoStructure for the Smart Grid and enterprise GIS technology, which forms the foundation for pipeline management systems and real-time reporting tools that maximize efficiency in core business functions and energy use. We support these solutions with industry-leading system integration skills, custom application development, project management, and IT services.


The Smart Grid

Our broad and deep knowledge of infrastructure management systems for utilities puts us in the ideal position to drive the greatest opportunity in today’s energy market: the Smart Grid.

Utilities everywhere are rapidly planning and deploying networks to transform yesterday’s disjointed power distribution grid into tomorrow’s Smart Grid, potentially producing enormous gains in energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmental protection.
With unparalleled experience in power engineering and grid operations in the electric transmission and distribution networks, Schneider Electric has the insight and expertise needed to turn the promise of the Smart Grid into reality for your utility.


Sustaining an Ever-Changing Environment

The environmental impact of rapid industrial expansion and population growth has been well documented. The need to address global climate change and related environmental threats is no longer a matter of debate — it is an essential mandate for a sustainable future.

With our leadership in intelligent enterprise management solutions in the energy, transportation and agriculture sectors, Schnider Electric is in the unique position to drive innovative, environmentally responsible business practices in major global markets. Along with our customers, we take our responsibility as stewards of the environment very seriously.

To further the interests of natural resource management, we have dozens of long-proven solutions in water supply management, hydrology, air quality and meteorology. Every day, these solutions protect the environment from hazardous leaks, spills and excessive CO2 emissions. They protect scarce water resources and maintain a safe, reliable water supply for millions of people. And they protect people and critical infrastructure when natural disasters strike.

Global Efficiency

At the core of much of our work is the Schneider Electric team, an army of highly skilled technology and process consultants serving clients in a wide range of market sectors.

Our dedicated Schneider Electric professionals are constantly searching for ways to help their clients do more with less, to use technology to improve efficiency, security and service in core markets like finance and insurance, government services, health care and telecommunications.

For example, in government services, we help public ministries make the transition to e-Administrations that eliminate wasteful paper-based processes and deliver better, faster public service. In health care, we deliver integrated IT solutions that improve patient care by enabling telemedicine, by improving document handling, diagnostic services, pharmaceutical management and much more.

Schneider Electric is a global IT solutions and business information services provider that improves the efficiency, safety and security of the world's premier organizations. We serve markets critical to the sustainability of the planet, including the energy, transportation, agriculture, and environmental sectors.
We believe that just about every organization, regardless of size, could do more in maximizing efficiencies, eliminating waste, sharing best practices, and providing better, safer products and services to its customers and constituents. Please choose a business unit on the menu at left to learn more about solutions that help our clients achieve these goals.



Driven by global food and fuel demand, agriculture is a vital industry


Integrated solutions to control and optimise water and waste water operationsTechnological Solutions for Environmental observation and water management

Global Services

Leading technology Smart Business through IT Consulting, Integration and Outsourcing. Adding value for business clients throughout the technology life cycle

Oil & Gas

Real-time suply chain IT solutions to optimize operation, information management and decision making.


The leading provider of trading tools and information


Leading Real-time IT solutions and information provider for a sustainable world. Efficiency in road, railway and maritime transportation.


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