Providing Geospatial
Solutions to the Caribbean


3-GIS, based in Decatur, Alabama, is leading the future of Geospatial Innovation by developing smart, simple and fast GIS solutions.  Founded in 2006, 3-GIS is lead by industry experts seeking to continue their 20 year success in delivering GIS applications and services to over hundreds of different electric, gas, telecommunications and EMA customers. Pushing the mapping envelope, 3-GIS software allows users without any specialized GIS or mapping expertise to utilize web GIS tools. 3-GIS truly defines the next generation of GIS asset management technology.


Network Express

Network Express is the 3-GIS web-based GIS system that allows users to edit, query, report, trace and plot data.


Field Express Chameleon

Field Express Chameleon is the 3-GIS mobile application that gives field technicians the ability to capture and send data back to the office in real time.

Express Conductor

Express Conductor is the back office server component which enables the full Express Solution.

Command Center

3-GIS Command Center is an Esri-enabled Operational Picture and Situational Awareness solution.

Transmission and Inspection Maintenance System

TIMS is a user friendly tool that provides a precise graphic depiction of your transmission equipment so accurate maintenance records can be created, collected, and maintained.


Express Solution Inspection Management

The 3-GIS Inspection Management System brings together 3-GIS’s Network Express and Field Express Chameleon® to create the perfect solution to satisfy a utility’s inspection management needs.



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