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Knowledge Society Conference

Spatial Innovision in collaboration with Knowledge Society Foundation will be hosting a conference April 15th, 16th at the Mona Visitors Lodge. The aim of this conference is to impart understanding of applied Strategies for Enhancing the Competitiveness of Jamaican firms, society and economy for successful participation in the global economy in support of Jamaica’s national development.

To that end, the modules will draw upon the wide ranging Knowledge Economy experience and expertise of two world-renowned experts previously of the World Bank Institute, Prof. Jean-Eric Aubert and Prof. Carl Dahlmam. Also Mr. Kenneth Myres of OTF, an internationally renowned Competitiveness Consulting Company. A number of local experts will also be

Knowledge and technology are the heart and mind of the global economy. The countries that thrive will be those that encourage their people to develop the skills and competencies they need to become better workers , managers , entrepreneurs, and innovators. Today’s policy makers must extend their country’s existing strengths through careful investments in education, institutional quality and relevant technology. They must create enterprises that are knowledge enough to recognize new competitive opportunities- and skillful enough to convert those opportunities into wealth.



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