Providing Geospatial
Solutions to the Caribbean

Building regional Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), one country at a time

A Virtual Reference Station (VRS) Network is a GPS solution that provides high accuracy positioning in the field for wider areas by networking several base stations at key locations to provide coverage for an entire area. What does it all mean? It is simply an infrastructure that provides a reliable, cost-effective means to achieve accurate GPS positioning results more efficiently and productively.

Who can use it? It is primarily utilized by surveying, engineering and GIS professionals in applications such as urban planning, construction, disaster relief, mining, agriculture and transportation. Nonetheless, any individual with access to a GPS receiver can use it to achieve accurate position of any feature for any reason. Who has done it? Trinidad and Tobago recognized its importance and has an operational network in place. Jamaica and St. Lucia have also recognized its value and are currently implementing their respective networks.



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